• Skullguy123

    Name Ideas

    December 4, 2018 by Skullguy123

    I've made a character a while back named Daniel Ironwoods and he has two powers; Environment Adaptation which causes his body to adapt to his environment (ex: if underwater, he grows gills so he can breath) and Reactive Adaptation which causes him to gain powers depending on the danger he or others are in to best negate or remove the danger itself (ex: he gains either cryokinesis or hydrokinesis if facing someone with pyrokinesis). Something I'm having trouble and need help with is a superhero name for him (originally was going to go with Mimic but that wouldn't make much sense so I'm gonna save it for another character)

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  • 35Baragon

    How about all of us do some episodes ideas for Young Justice? 

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