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Real Name Ryan Thatcher
Alias Cain
The Untouched
Race ???
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Birthday Astrological Sign Aquarius January 20
Age 22 years

Male Male

Height 6'4"
Weight 210 lbs
Professional Status
Designation Hero
Affiliation Justice Force
Profession Hero
Previous Profession Small Time Criminal
Relatives Mother, Father, and Brother (Deceased)
Mentor None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Advanced Vector Control
Advanced Vector Manipulation
Vector Creation

Cain (real name Ryan Thatcher) is a metahuman with the power to both create and manipulate vectors. Unlike most heroes Ryan has not actually mastered his own powers and is still learning the ropes. He was a former small time criminal who eventually realized the error of his ways, turning himself in and eventually becoming a hero upon his release from prison. In an encounter with a gang leader, known as the Crimson King, Ryan experienced another massive lapse in his power control and annihilated a portion of the Seattle harbor. It was an encounter with Martian Manhunter that saved him. He later joined the Justice Force to continue to help as best he could, realizing his powers were needed for greater things than stopping small time crime.

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  • Vector Manipulation: Ryan's main power is the ability to manipulate vectors. He can do this in many ways such as using his own vectors to increase his speed or lift heavy objects without much trouble. He is capable of creating massive shockwaves, closing chasms in the ground, subjugating earthquakes, and cutting through an object with barely any effort. Ryan is also capable of causing distortions with vectors where he will cause all vectors in an object or area to pick a random direction and move in that direction at a set speed, effectively rending that object or area to nothing.

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  • Cain gets his name from having abilities similar to that of the Mark of Cain. His other nickname, The Untouchable, is also a reference to this.