Real Name Manfred Emprah
Alias Emprah
Race Metahuman
Birthplace England
Birthday Astrological Sign Capricorn January 1
Age 10,000+

Male Male

Height 8'0"
Weight 1000 lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Designation Villain
Profession Villain
Human Supremecist
Base of Operations Unknown
Relatives 10,000 Unnamed Psions
Mentor None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Psychopotence
Indominitable Willpower
Supernatural Life-Force
Equipment Ghal Maraz
Production Details

Manfred Emprah, also known solely by his last name Emprah, is one of the foremost experts on human biology and evolution in the world as well as the chair of Humanity Ascendant, an organization dedicated to advancing the human race to secure its place beyond the Earth. An incredibly powerful psionic being, Manfred's soul is an amalgamation of ten thousand psions who were sacrificed in a ritual over ten thousand years ago to create the ultimate human being. What erupted from that ritual is quite possibly the greatest psionic being to have ever lived. Since then he has done everything in his power to secure humanity's future. But now with humanity facing a crisis as its protectors were picked off one by one, he has decided to take a more proactive role, aiming to bring the human race to its glorious future by any means necessary without the world begging for its alien protectors to continue protecting them.