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"Your best disguise is the strong impression your enemy has of you. Strong...and dead wrong."
Founder(s) Colonel
Leader(s) Erica Valhala
Members Colonel
Erica Valhala
Agent 35
Demolition Man (Formerly)
Goals Training Young Meta-humans
Covert Ops/Black Ops (mostly)
Personnel recovery
Unconventional warfare
Base Earth
Some Unknown Black Site

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
— Colonel quoting Sun Tzu

Escutcheon sometimes known as Surreptitious Task Force is a "blacker than black" clandestine sub-branch of the Central Intelligence Agency, specially designed to recruit young meta-humans, train them and use them to eliminate global threats, such as, terrorism or an alien invasion. The members of Escutcheon are only answerable to their director, The Colonel and the president of the United States. Escutcheon consists of top notch young operatives who are the best at what they do. Escutcheon unlike other previous government organization is very careful and tactical in the way it handles its super powered operatives.

Its' agents are also trained to complete various missions that were assigned in secret, to the extent that they were considered the modern versions of top notch ninja assassins. Although its function changed over the years, Escutcheon specializes in covert, solo infiltration, to cope with local revolutions, regional complications, and global terrorist activities in "unauthorized" combat zones too politically-sensitive to intervene through conventional means, observation of alien activity on Earth, recruiting young metahumans, preventing the metahuman war and sometimes hostage recovery.



Transportation and EquipmentEdit

  • Stealth Weapons
  • Proto tool
  • Mission Specific Gear

Transportation can vary from motorbikes to speed boats to helicopters and even teleportation pads.


  • This task force originally existed in an alternate fan-fiction wrote by the author.
  • Has unknown ties to S.A.G.E Labs