"It is a known fact that there are those in this world, this universe, that are just born better. Whether they are metahumans- or the better of alien species- those with the ability to command magic- there are just those that rise above. The Gehenna Organization realizes that and rather than giving pretty speeches about how all are created equal, we push for a world were those who are better are the ones in charge. We have seen fit to approach you because you are better, you have something to offer and we have something to offer you. Money- power- station- your heart's desires. So what do you say? Will you join us?"
— Triplicate

Gehenna Organization
Fais ce que tu voudras
Founder(s) Donna Milton
Members Phobetor
Goals World domination

The Gehenna Organization is a nonprofit organization created by Gehenna Corp focused upon the training and comprehension of super-powered individuals. It is a sanctuary meant to cultivate those who exist above the normalcy of the average homosapian, and manually induce evolution of the population as a whole. The political and economic power of the Gehenna Organization has allowed it to retain great influence in the workings of the modern world. With extensive ties into well known organizations, such as the Vatican, the Gehenna Organization is considered the third largest sovereign force in the world.


Larissa Luthor stated that the Gehenna Organization has existed for several centuries, only choosing recently to go public [1].




  • The motto of the Gehenna Organization, "Fais ce que tu voudras" is Latin for "Do what thou wilt".


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