"I will always be there for you and love you"
— Jason to Katy

Alias Mikey, Jay
Race Human
Birthplace Gotham City
Age 18 (In Prologue)

23 (In RS)


Male Male

Height 6'1
Weight 210
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation GPD
Relatives Seth and Jet (Brothers), Yuki Mei (Wife/Deceased), Katy/Shadowclaw (Daughter), Samantha Grace and Wendy Colton (Sisters-in-law), Jason Allen Jr. (Nephew), Ashley Nevada (Niece)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Hand To Hand Combat
Weaknesses Family
Equipment Gun
Production Details
Series Debut Rise Of The Shadows

Jason is the younger brother of Seth and Jet Nevada and also the husband of Yuki Airi Mei and the father of his daughter Katy Mei He used works at a Gotham PD.

Jason and his older brothers lost there parents form a car accident and had lived alone and Seth had few jobs to keep him and his younger siblings off the streets, they manged to graduated school.

He had met Yuki when he was on vacation in Tokyo Japan with his brothers,when she was attacked by gang members and able to fight them off with yuki's help.

Yuki was grateful that she was saved and was interested in his skill and started to have a crush on him, they hang out a lot until there feelings began to bloom, sadly Jason and his brothers went back to Gotham City but kept in touch.

Five years of dating Jason moved to Japan and live with Yuki and they decided to get married few years later, they had a little girl named Katy Airi Mei-Nevada, then they decided to move to Central City. Jay was a loving husband and father, and would often playfully toss his daughter in the air and his would teach her to speak.