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Alain Pro
Real Name Alain Flamel
Alias Morgain the Sorcerer
Race Homo Magi (Half)
Fae (Half)
Birthday Astrological Sign Virgo September 15
Age 17 (Body)
3000+ (Soul)

Male Male

Height 5'8"
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Relatives Mother (Deceased)
Father (Deceased)
Vivienne Flamel (Half-Sister)
Mentor Circe
Powers & Abilities
Powers Magic

Morgain (real name Alain Flamel) is a Human-Fae hybrid...




Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • Lying: Alain is part Fae and due to this is bound by the Fair Folk's inability to tell a lie. However he is only part Fae, so he still possesses the ability to lie, but when he does so it causes him immense pain in the form of headaches. The more he lies, the more these headaches escalate, resulting in things such as nosebleeds and eventual loss of consciousness.
  • Cold Iron: All Fae possess an inherent allergy to pure or "cold" iron, being significantly weakened when in the presence of the metal. Touching it burns their flesh, while wounds made by it can be fatal to a Fae even if the wound itself is minor. Alain, due to being only half Fae, possesses a lesser form of this allergy. Rather than pure iron being lethal to him, it simply makes him sick. Enough of the substance in his system can still kill him, but it takes much more than what usually kills a Fae and he can touch it with only mild discomfort rather than the intense burns.



"When given the choice between "Magic" and "Mortal", you'll find that I pick magic almost every time. I haven't had many good experiences with mortals, many of them are offense."

"Please do not presume to tell me the consequences of my magic. What you know of the arcane and occult could fit on the tip of my little finger, so I will politely ask you to step back and let me cast this damn spell."

"'What do they want?' Why are you asking such a senseless question? Blood. They always want blood."


  • Alain's appearance is based on that of Loki Laufeyson from Marvel Comics.