"Welcome to your home away from home."
— Martian Manhunter to the Justice Force


Mount Justice is a mountain just outside Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. A former headquarters of the justice League, Martian Manhunter utilizes it as the main base for the Justice Force's base of operations as well as their living quarters.

Layout Edit

Mount Justice has four main means of egress and entry into the inner base of operations. At the bottom of Mount Justice in the front of the mountain itself is a gigantic opening which leads into the surrounding forest. The second method is a back entrance which leads towards the coast of Rhode Island. The third is a hanger which ends in a bay door which opens into the Atlantic Ocean hangar which opens onto the Atlantic Ocean. The fourth method is using the Zeta-Beam teleportation tubes, which allows members designated with their Justice League code to teleport to other zeta beam locations.

Inner WorkingsEdit

  • Hangar: A multi-level hanger where there are several more zeta tubes and the main generator for the base.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen constantly filled with both groceries and materials utilized for the preservation and preparation of meals.
  • Library: A two-story area filled with book shelves, books and computers as well as other types of furniture. There are numerous secret passages that lead to different parts of the hideout.
  • Living quarters: The living quarters is a large labyrinth of rooms which extends both horizontally and vertically. Each room differs to the personal taste of its inhabitants.
  • Locker rooms: Located between the training rooms and simulation room, the locker rooms is where inhabitants can change and shower.
  • Lounge: Located in the same room as the kitchen, a lounge area with a couch and a large television.
  • Medical bay: A futuristic medical area operated by SAMUS, an AI programmed with several centuries worth of medical knowledge. Equipped with some of the highest grade machinery as well as several alien machines meant to aide the healing process.
  • Mission Room: The central area meant for the team to gather mission status and information. There are several computers and holographic screens for ease of access. At the center of the screen is also an area meant for combat training.
  • Waterfall Room:A room that can be completely cut off from the outside, for private meetings and conversations. One wall features a decorative waterfall.
  • Workout room: A room with stair steppers, stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, punching bags, dumbbells and barbells.
  • Aquarium: Located at the bottom of the waterfall and linked to the nearby Atlantic Ocean is a massive aquarium where Calamari resides.

The Cave also boasts a network of corridors, air vents and secret passages which connect many rooms together.