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Red Ravager
Jasper hale
Real Name Jasper Pearson
Birthplace England, Hampshire
Birthday Astrological Sign Pisces March 19
Age 24

Male Male

Height 6'0"
Weight 200 lbs
Blood Type B+

Professional Status
Designation ?
Affiliation None
Profession Villain
Previous Profession Hero
Base of Operations New York City</small>

Relatives Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Sister
The Mist (Partner)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Fire Manipulation
Fire Immunity
Scald Creation
Heat Transferal
Ash Creation
Enhanced Durability
Weaknesses Water
Extreme Cold and Ice
Oxygen Dependence
Equipment Red Ravager Costume

Production Details
Voiced By David Tennant

Red Ravager was previously Spectre's best friend and childhood neighbour. After their falling out, Red Ravager went on to become a lone wolf and a gun for hire. According to Spectre, he is one of the most dangerous meta-humans he has ever encountered.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Metahuman Physiology:
    • Pyrokinesis:
      • Fire Breath:
      • Fire Immunity:
      • Haemopyrokinesis:
      • Fire Absorption:
      • Limited Fire Generation:
      • Pyrokinetic Integration:
      • Pyro Form:
        • Flight:
        • Inferno:
        • Fire Blast:
        • Heat Amplification:
        • Flame Hardening:
          • Flame Shield:
          • Flaming Net:
      • Fire Enhanced Healing:
      • Heat Transferal:
      • Scald Creation:
      • Ash Creation:
        • Ash Breath:
    • Enhanced Durability:


  • Skilled Accountant:
  • Expert Stick Fighter:
  • Street Fighting Skills/Hand-to-Hand Combat:
  • Driving:



  • He has been listed as one of the most powerful metahumans so far.