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Equipment Type Alloy
Users U.S govt

Scanprosil is a super dense and durable alloy made from scandium, nickel, chromium, magnesium, plutonium and iron. Scanprosil is the first super heavy alloy made by man kind back in 1940s. While, Scanprosil is an extremely durable super-alloy, Scanprosil is also somewhat radioactive. It radiates 1.5 times greater radioactive energy that is required to cause cancer in human body. Which makes Scanprosil an extremely dangerous element to work with.


While its ductility has not been disclosed yet, Scanprosil remains as one of the most versatile metals known to mankind. Scanprosil is not only very durable, that is, it cannot be dented or scratched (unless one's using a scanprosil weapon) and it can take several blows and impact due to its shock absorbing capability. Its' unique molecular structure allows Scanprosil to absorb a huge amount of force caused by impact and it has been described to be roughly 96.17% efficient. However, huge amount of heat (4800 °C) can melt Scanprosil and its absorbing capability can be compromised if its put in temperatures below -210°C (63.15 k). It is has a Yield Strength of 35 MPa and Ultimate strength of 16000 MPa (3.07 times greater than steel). While it is nearly 2.67 times heavier than steel. Scanprosil is ferromagnetic and has a moderate electrical and thermal conductivity.

In addition to being radioactive, it can generate its own magnetic-field which is capable of freely interacting with the earth's own magnetic field; of course the magnetic field of Earth has an effect on this metal and its field strength. Passing an electric current or an electromagnet along with increasing temperate may have an effect on its field. Objects made from Scanprosil are deemed to be too dangerous to be used and as such, this material and its creation has been kept a secret from the world. Therefore, because of its density, mass and unique molecular structure, metal manipulates find it very difficult to move it around. This makes it extremely difficult for those with molecular manipulation power to tamper with its structure.

Due to its elasticity, Scanprosil is capable of taking several impacts and still maintain its integrity. Scanprosil can be however be beaten into wires and the U.S. Government has tried to create mesh uniforms for its soldiers by sewing Scanprosil and kevlar together but due to the radioactive nature and sheer weight of the metal, no one has been able to don such uniform and lived.


  • Scanprosil is actually super resistant if not immune to rust formation.