Seth James Nevada is the older brother of Jason and Jet and also Katy's Uncle,he works at a Gotham PD to honor his deceased brother Jason.

Real Name Seth James Nevada
Race human
Birthplace Gotham
Age 25 (Rise Of Shadowclaw)

Age (2010) 41

Age (2016) 43


Male Male

Height 6'2
Weight 220
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation GPD
Relatives Jason Nevada and Jet Nevada (Brothers),Katy/Shadowclaw (Niece), Yuki Mei and Wendy Colton (Sisters-in-law), Ashley Nevada (Niece),Samantha Grace (Wife), Jason Allen Jr. (Son)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Hand to Hand Combat
Weaknesses Friends and Family
Equipment Bo Staff
Production Details
Series Debut Rise Of The Shadows