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The Exiles
"Shoot twice and go home!"
Founder(s) Spectre
Leader(s) Spectre
Members Exodus
Goals Threat Assessment
Elimination of Street-level Villains and Crime Lords
Ensuring Civilian Safety
Base Earth
New York
Spectre's Underground Safe House (Formerly)
"The Exiles Layer"

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. Now, get yourselves out there and do what we do best! Let's go shoot some baddies and save the world!"
Spectre to the Exiles

The Exiles is a group of anti-heroes who use their powers, skills, intellect and weaponry to fight evil. Each individual in the group is essentially an outlaw who has no qualms with killing or inflicting pain for the greater good.

Despite functioning as a team of anti-heroes with the sole purpose of threat assessment and elimination, they can be hired for protection of VIPs or high profiled individuals. However, they do not accept offers from those with a criminal background.



Transportation and EquipmentEdit

  • Transportation: Eviction: The Eviction is a flying car of sorts, designed and created by Spectre's friend Marcus. The Car is capable of carrying about 3000 pounds at up to 75 mph for 300 miles. It breaks into five compartments capable of 225 mph speeds for up to 200 miles. It is generally used for inner-city transportation and surveillance. The vehicle is obviously auto-piloted to compensate for the Spectre's inability to drive and features a GPS navigation system. It also features to hidden sub-machine guns that are voice controlled.