To call this planet anything more than the randomization of evolution would be an understatement. There existed millions upon millions of different species, some extinct, upon this blue sphere. Its history still new yet rich in both culture and advancement. Ignorant to the possibilities of the universe yet of vast potential for growth. Beings of this rock managed to overcome numerous obstacles before. And above all else, these creatures, from the smallest colony of insects to the overgrown chimps, grew to love and appreciate war. They loved battle. Debated both the history and philosophy while refusing to neglect the necessity of war. Many of their greatest technological advancements stemmed from a furious desire to destroy their enemy. Perhaps...just perhaps...this planet would serve as the key for his further evolution.

He located key pieces in this never-ending game. With the sudden absence of its guardians, this planet became ripe for discovery. He just needed to nudge it. Give it the proper environment to grow and blossom into a beautiful bouquet of death and destruction. Two people of great potential. Whose own ambitions were as bright as their sun yet hearts as dark as the surrounding space. Of course there would be other pieces in this long, long game. But he chose to keep his influence small. Focus on quality as opposed to quantity. As their greatest empires often fell when it grew too large.

Several weeks back, he'd sent over several presents to a blonde human. He was familiar with her family from the famous Braniac of his home planet. The daughter of a man capable of matching a Caluan, a rare spectacle in itself! She would definitely serve as another key in this massive galactic game he prepared. Blueprints. Genetic coding manuals. Things that advanced societies discovered several millennia prior. It seemed as if things were going according to plan. But humans are difficult creatures.

Their genetic code is one that demands growth through destruction. And such, without adversity, they would never achieve the pinnacle of power needed to create the grandest of wars. And such, he knew that his pieces would follow the rule that iron sharpens iron. So force them against each other and supports whoever survives. Then find an even stronger force and repeat the process. Perfect.

This god of war had several candidates in mind. One of which welcomed his assistance with open arms. Now, he would need to discuss plans with his second choice. But the key to any general is to win a war without fighting. He touched the large black button on his metallic throne and smiled. In front of him, liquid metal poured from the sealing before solidifying. Transforming into a silver humanoid, an android. The android stepped onto a platform before vanishing in a white light.