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Trip Pro
Real Name Phoebe Morta Koel
Paige Decima Koel
Penelope Nona Koel
Alias The Triplicate
Race Human
Birthday Astrological Sign Gemini May 27
Age 28

Female Female

Height 5'9"
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Affiliation Gehenna Organization
Triglav Enterprises (Phoebe)
The Stepford House (Paige)
Caine, Davies & Koel LLP (Penelope)
Relatives Sigrun Koel (Deceased)
Dana Koel-Davies (Deceased)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Telepathic Hive Mind
Tactile Telekinesis (Phoebe)
Psychokinesis (Paige)
Leptokinesis (Penelope)

Triplicate (real names Phoebe, Paige and Penelope Koel) are metahuman triplets belonging to the Gehenna Organization...




Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Multilingualism:
  • Political and Diplomatic Knowledge:
  • Psychological Expertise:
  • Legal Expertise:
  • Technological Expertise:


  • Solitude: While the triplets are counted as some of the most powerful metahumans on the planet when together, their strength is considerably diminished when they are separated making divide and conquer tactics particularly effective against them. They have also been shown to experience symptoms close to those of withdrawal when separated from each other from extended periods of time.
  • Unconsciousness: When rendered unconscious through any means, a triplet is temporarily disconnected from the hive, the others losing access to that triplet's mind unless they actively reconnect through their telepathy. This lessens their power for as long as she is unconscious, acting much like a method of separation for them. Should one of them die, it can be theorized that the other two will be permanently weakened.


  • Moira: This a powerful machine constructed for the Triplets by their father, using funds held by the Gehenna Organization. It serves to amplify their psychic abilities, resulting in them being capable of locating, reading and otherwise affecting the minds of anyone on earth, so long as they aren't being protected by an equally powerful psychic force or something that serves to block psychic interference.



  • The Triplet's appearances are based on that of the Stepford Cuckoos from Marvel Comics.