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"Would be quite nice if those old farts actually listened to me!"

The Youngest of the Timeless
Real Name Yehoshu'a
Alias The Preacher of the Seven Lights
Race Maltusians
Birthplace Oa

Male Male

Height 3’11
Professional Status
Designation Guardian
Affiliation Guardians of the Universe
Powers & Abilities
Powers Cosmic Energy Manipulation
Power ring
Weaknesses Apathy

Yehoshu'a is a young Maltusian Guardian of the Universe, a nigh-omnipotent being born into the organization tasked with delivering order and monitoring the safety of the universe's ecosystem. Whereas other Guardians tend to be stern and by the book, Yehoshu'a is considered one of the more easygoing guardians due to his youthfulness - sitting shy of several millennia. He is one who refuses to blindly follow tradition or allow strict adherence to regulation hinder his overall care for the universe. Yehoshu'a is known as the Preacher of the Seven Lights for his philosophy against a singular corp. For he has realized that the seven lights will always find those to wield it, as such was predicted in the original Book of Oa at the beginning of time. And such, Yehoshu'a preaches that peace will only occur when the seven corps reach an equal understanding. Where they find their own special place in the grand workings of the universe as a whole. Starting with the Red Lantern Corps, he supported Hal Jordan's idea of his sidekick becoming sector's 2418's first Red Lantern, eventual Substitute Green Lantern and future usurper of Atrocitus and his hell-spawn, Apocrypha.









"The old farts of Oa have tried quelling the Red Lantern Corps for several centuries, despite being the cause of their creation. Let's face it, the red light of anger is as pivotal to the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum as the purple light of love. And as balance is key, destroying the reds would be attacking they very concept of equilibrium. That's why I have made it my duty to incorporate the Red Lantern corps into our jurisdiction. Just previous attempts have been quite difficult-especially after the birth of that brat's brat"